Pseudoscience and misinterpretation of research help to spread misinformation about dairy in the media. In addition to this, diary can be a highly debated food often due to the lack of connection between consumers and the agricultural industry. Does it contain hormones? Does it cause inflammation? People fear what they don’t understand or know about dairy.

Nutrition Pearls for Dairy and Gut Health

  • There are big opportunities to connect people back with their food, where it comes from and the facts about its health properties so they can make an informed, rather than disempowered decision
  • Understand the difference between dairy allergies (immune response) and intolerances (maldigestion)
  • Know the difference between the 2 types of dairy intolerance: lactose intolerance and milk protein intolerance
  • Although dairy allergies are common in children – a lot of children do grow out of it
  • Dairy is a nutrient rich food which can be beneficial to the human diet
  • Research shows that dairy is NOT inflammatory and may even be anti-inflammatory
  • Know that the nutrition profile between organic and conventional milk is the exact same, the safety is equal, and they are both antibiotic-free
  • Consider that the naturally occurring hormones in milk contains are both normal and safe

Today I interview RD Lauren Twigge on how dairy is shaped by media perception and what the research shows!

Lauren Twigge is a Dallas based registered and licensed Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. She works in corporate wellness and counsels private clients by day and runs her growing Instagram account by night. Lauren was born and raised in a family of farmers located in central California and is an outspoken supporter of the agricultural industry. Growing up on a dairy and being raised around farming her whole life has given Lauren a unique perspective on food and her passion is to work at the crux of agriculture and human nutrition to fight misinformation and give consumers back their food confidence.

We talk about:

  • How Lauren became interested in the field of dietetics
  • Where the fear of dairy comes from
  • Misinformation around agriculture
  • The difference between a dairy intolerance vs allergy
  • Why do we consume dairy; is it good for us?
  • Does dairy cause inflammation?
  • Does dairy cause autoimmune conditions like IBD?
  • Do the hormones in dairy affect my hormones?
  • Does the type of milk I choose matter? (organic, non-GMO, grass fed, etc.)
  • The safety and nutrition of different types of milk on the market
  • Organic vs. conventional dairy
  • Are there antibiotics in milk?

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