I can’t believe what started in 2020 has now grown to over 70,000 downloads around the world and over 50 episodes packed with valuable gastroenterology nutrition information. This week I am announcing that for the foreseeable future, Let’s Get Real is taking a little break.

The number of people who have reached out to me and shared how the podcast has changed their practice, understanding, and life seriously can’t be understated. After three years and so many personal changes, I’ve decided to put the podcast on a hiatus. I feel so many mixed emotions about this but look forward to bringing you some new content again in the future.

I talk about:

  1. How nutrition science is rarely sensational or extreme. As well as the importance of doing what feels good for your body – without making it dogmatic.
  2. The value in trying to eat as many plant foods as you can each and every day. The importance of choosing a variety of foods that are acceptable to your palate, culture, budget, and lifestyle.
  3. The value of having a member on your health care team that advocates for you, whether that’s your dietitian, pharmacist, doctor, or physio. If you’re struggling to advocate for yourself and your medical needs, it is important to find an allied health provider that can get the best care possible for you. 

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