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What exactly does Andrea do as a media and speaking dietitian?

Craft Nutrition Messages that Matter

The current state of nutrition messaging online can be summed up in one word: overwhelming. The public is confused with misinformation, misinterpretation, and sensationalization of nutrition science.

I believe we can make science ‘easy to digest’ by using connective communication to inspire critical thinking and empower real change.

Successful nutrition communications require authenticity, authority and must create meaning for the consumer.

As a well-recognized media dietitian & gut health expert – I can help to craft the perfect nutrition message in a variety of different media settings to be impactful and meet your company’s goals and objectives. With my social media reach and reputation – we can work together to amplify the reach of your message to the right audience!

What exactly can Andrea help you with?

Public Speaking

I LOVE public speaking. There’s something so powerful about group education and workshops and the conversation you can create through shared experience.

Some of the biggest impact I’ve had is in helping my audience to realize that they’re not alone – the majority of people feel confused and overwhelmed with nutrition information!

In October 2018, I had the honour of doing a TEDx talk (18 minute video here).

Other venues I’ve had the opportunity to speak at include:

– businesses & communities for nutrition ‘lunch & learns’ and educational events
– the satellite event at the Gut Microbiota for Health conference for dietitians and gastroenterologists
– online education for the public and health care practitioners through Nutrition Academy
– on behalf of the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation for IBS awareness month, and gut health videos

Traditional Media

Looking for a media spokesperson? I have TV, radio and print experience to help position your brand strategically

I love to work with brands I’m passionate about to create excitement and recognition in my community and beyond!

My philosophy is centred around making nutrition knowledge accessible and incorporating products in a practical way to be used in every day life.

By engaging in conversation with my community – I work to stay on top of common nutrition questions and trends to provide up-to-date, scientific nutrition advice that is easy to digest!

Social Media & Blogging

The majority of people now get their health and wellness advice through social media and blogs. The challenge? Just about anyone can look credible with enough followers.

As a registered dietitian and science writer, I translate the science to craft evidence based messages in a way that is meaningful to consumers – this is KEY to creating positive influence. 

I work through my private practice, Ignite Nutrition I write blog posts and amplify their reach through my social media following. I also write guest posts if you prefer the content to live on your website.

Through social media and blogging – we can craft nutrition messages that matter and connect people to credible, up-to-date nutrition information.

Other media services include

(but aren’t limited to)


Looking for someone who is a gut health expert or to handle a brand interview? I give interviews for written articles, news segments, radio, podcast, and print on a variety of different nutrition topics.

You can catch a few of my interviews work in my portfolio below!

Science Writing

My first love was science. The core of providing ethical and safe nutrition advice is understanding the literature. As a person who always asks ‘why’ I love to take a deep dive into studies or a topic to fully understand how we can translate that knowledge and apply it to our health. You can find my science writing on Gut Microbiota for Health or  on my practice blog, Ignite Nutrition.

Recipe Development

My philosophy is that recipes should help teach confidence and competence in the kitchen. I love to develop recipes that are practical, versatile, and meet a variety of different dietary needs. As a gut health expert – I love applying current research to recipe development – talk about making science accessible! I develop recipes for company/brand use, or to be posted on the Ignite Nutrition blog.

See Andrea's Portfolio

See examples of Andrea’s various media, writing, and speaking engagements in her portfolio page.

Working with Andrea

I had the opportunity to meet Andrea Hardy and listen to her brilliant speech during an International symposium in Rome, I appreciate her in-depth knowledge of the interaction between diet and microbiota. She has oriented her studies on the relation between gut health and diet, being one of the first dietitians who understood the key role of the microbiota as a target for personalized diet prescription. She is an internationally recognized expert in those fields due to her knowledge and impressive communication skills, which are essential even during one-on-one nutritional counselling. I strongly recommend Andrea as a serious reference point in nutrition and dietetics especially, but not only, for gut health.

Michele Sculati

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

Andrea spoke to a capacity crowd on the ins and outs of living with IBS. She seamlessly broke down complicated digestive health terms and communicated them to the public in easy to understand ways.

Andrea was extremely engaging during this event, as well as very knowledgeable on a range of digestive health topics outside of IBS. Some of the subjects covered included functional gut disorders, Crohn’s, colitis, and food intolerances, among others.

Her in-depth understanding of the material made it easy to answer all of the audience’s questions clearly. Andrea is CDHF’s go-to gut health expert and I would HIGHLY recommend her for anyone that is need of a guest speaker.

Kelsey Cheyne

Marketing Director, CDHF

See Andrea's Portfolio

See examples of Andrea's various media, writing, and speaking engagements in her portfolio page.