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Andrea Hardy – My Story

Hi, I’m Andrea Hardy, a registered dietitian and Canada’s Gut Health Expert. I’m on a mission to communicate credible scientific evidence about nutrition, gut health and digestive disorders in a way that is easy to consume and inspires sustainable action.

When I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, I had to navigate our health care system. It was overwhelming, frustrating, and I felt like I wasn’t being heard. Through this experience I’ve come to realize the importance of creating meaningful conversation with our patients.

Using my skills in evidence-based knowledge translation and connective communication, I work to spread ‘digestible’ information about gut health. Ultimately, gut health is for everyone – and nutrition and lifestyle changes are the most impactful, simple ways to take care of your gut microbiota! 

The current landscape of nutrition communication drives fear-based decisions about health and wellness. I want to change how we approach sharing science by understanding a persons values, and focusing in on what makes us human. When people understand nutrition, and define what it means to them, it empowers them to make meaningful change.

It’s time to strip the jargon and fear-inducing language from our nutrition messages, and instead inject more fun! After all, poop jokes aren’t my favourite kinda jokes, but they are a solid #2.

” The best speakers I’ve worked with have Andrea’s level of passion and drive for a mission that’s greater than themselves.” 
– Christina Tan, Eloquent Speaking

Why Work With Andrea?

Andrea is a professional, public speaker specializing in group education and knowledge translation with a food-first approach. With a passion for media, Andrea loves to work alongside PR firms and companies on their product launches, campaigns, and brand awareness initiatives.

Recognized internationally for her work with the public & nutrition professionals, Andrea will create excitement and the recognition for your brand or initiative, in a way that is meaningful to every-day life.

Andrea leverages a strong social media following with an extremely engaged audience – outperforming industry standards for engagement. This means Andrea’s followers are segmented, engaged, and trust Andrea as an authority figure online.

Ready to raise the bar in your nutrition communications? Learn more about how Andrea works with companies.

My Experience

I always say – each and every experience shapes us. My mom is hard-working and tenacious. My dad is kind, and always willing to go above and beyond. I feel like I’ve gotten some of their best assets. I’m lucky to have been a competitive gymnast, coach and judge before I was a registered dietitian – teaching me communication and empowering me to speak for myself and develop critical awareness. Through my experience as an oncology dietitian, and then a transplant dietitian – I learned the power of compassion, and the value of story telling on a patients journey. With this experience, I created Ignite Nutrition – a private practice specialized in digestive health, and have expanded to share my messages in the media & through public speaking. My experiences are unique, my perspective developed through experience, and my passion for connection as my primary driver. 


  • Bachelor of Science (Nutrition & Food Science)
  • Registered Dietitian


  • Media (TV, radio, written) spokesperson
  • Passionate about food and recipe development
  • Science writer
  • HCP/dietitian education
  • Host of the Let’s Gut Real Podcast


  • Speaker @ TEDxUW
  • Spoke internationally at Gut Microbiota for Health conference
  • Recognized as a global thought leader on digestive health

Andrea’s Work

Andrea has a variety of experiences in media and speaking. She loves communicating through speaking, writing and visual media – and a combination of all three makes for an impactful message! See examples of Andrea’s work here:

Media and Speaking Services

Andrea’s services include, but aren’t limited to:

Public Speaking

Social Media & Blogging

Media Spokesperson

Product Placement


HCP Education

Recipe Development

Science Writing

Webinar Hosting

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