Meaningful Nutrition Communication.

Connecting people to credible, up-to-date nutrition information.
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Connecting people to credible, up-to-date nutrition information.

Create Connective Communication

Her unique message describes the role authentic connection has in making nutrition communication meaningful.

Cultivate Critical Thinking

Capable of cultivating excitement and critical thinking through making science accessible and easy to digest.

Empower Meaningful Change

She teaches that, when nutrition changes are rooted in our values, this change feels empowering instead of fear-based.

Are you ready to raise the bar with your nutrition communications? Andrea uses her skills in knowledge translation and connective communication to craft nutrition messages that matter.

Nutrition Communication for Companies, Brands & Initiatives

Working with Andrea

I had the opportunity to meet Andrea Hardy and listen to her brilliant speech during an International symposium in Rome, I appreciate her in-depth knowledge of the interaction between diet and microbiota. She has oriented her studies on the relation between gut health and diet, being one of the first dietitians who understood the key role of the microbiota as a target for personalized diet prescription. She is an internationally recognized expert in those fields due to her knowledge and impressive communication skills, which are essential even during one-on-one nutritional counselling. I strongly recommend Andrea as a serious reference point in nutrition and dietetics especially, but not only, for gut health.

Michele Sculati

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

Andrea spoke to a capacity crowd on the ins and outs of living with IBS. She seamlessly broke down complicated digestive health terms and communicated them to the public in easy to understand ways.

Andrea was extremely engaging during this event, as well as very knowledgeable on a range of digestive health topics outside of IBS. Some of the subjects covered included functional gut disorders, Crohn’s, colitis, and food intolerances, among others.

Her in-depth understanding of the material made it easy to answer all of the audience’s questions clearly. Andrea is CDHF’s go-to gut health expert and I would HIGHLY recommend her for anyone that is need of a guest speaker.

Kelsey Cheyne

Marketing Director, CDHF

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