with Andrea Hardy, RD

Andrea Hardy, RD introduces you to her new podcast, Let’s Gut Real.

She touches on how the podcast started, and focuses on the basics of understanding YOUR gut microbiota, and how to take care of it.

She Discusses:

  • what is the gut microbiota?
  • what are the components of the gut microbiota?
  • “test your gut microbiota quiz”
  • what does the gut microbiota do for us?
  • how are disease and the gut microbiota related?
  • can we harness the power of the gut microbiota to prevent or treat disease?
  • what things help or hinder our gut microbiota?
  • how do you take care of your gut microbiota – what is evidence based and what isn’t
  • 3 easy tips to take care of your gut microbiota


Andrea’s TedX Talk – Quit Killing Human Connection with Science – How to Make Patient Care Meaningful

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