The stream of online nutrition misinformation is never ending. Although this may be a daunting prospect, it emphasizes the critical need for dietitians to help provide accurate information online. This week I interview RD Abby Langer on how dietitians can help patients navigate online information and some of the current digestive health claims that are being promoted.

Nutrition Pearls for Health Care Providers and Dietitians to Help Navigate Online Misinformation:

  • Know that you can never end the stream of misinformation
  • Know that some patients will never change their minds
  • Provide people with accurate information and leave it to the patient to do with that information what they want
  • You can’t force people into listening to you or putting your information into practice
  • Be brave! find your voice in order to help find the right kind of audience that resonates with you
  • Know that can’t agree with everyone in your opinions and it’s important to pick your angle and deliver the evidence to support your claims
  • Catering to other people’s demands – outside of your professional opinion – can come across wishy washy and will weaken patients’ trust in your opinion
  • You’re allowed to be controversial – that is within your scope of practice

Research around digestive health is constantly changing, and it is one of those areas where we don’t necessarily know all the answers. This week I interview RD Abby Langer on fighting nutrition misinformation and debunking some popular digestive health claims.

Abby Langer has been a Registered Dietitian since 1999. Abby is passionate about all aspects of nutrition, from physiology to teaching to cooking. Her approach to nutrition is permissive and relaxed, and she is a true believer in living your best life without dieting. She has written in depth about debunking fad diets and nutrition myths and focuses on body respect and intuitive-style eating.

When she’s not working, Abby loves running, spinning, discovering new foods, and spending time with her husband and two daughters.

We talk about:

  • How Langer became passionate in fighting nutrition misinformation
  • Some of the worst gut health offenders
  • Current claims and popular myths in the digestive health field 
  • Tips for dietitians looking to tackle misinformation and what to watch for
  • How to be vigilant when so many things look credible
  • How to address when other dietitians promote things that aren’t evidence based
  • The importance of keeping up to date with scientific research

Connect with Langer on her website at on Instagram @langernutrition or on Twitter or on her Facebook here as well!

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