As a gut health dietitian I love talking about the gut microbiome and how we can support our gut health. On Instagram @AndreaHardyRD, I talk all about apple cider vinegar and whether or not you should be consuming it to support your gut microbiome!

Is apple cider vinegar (ACV) good for the gut microbiome?⁠

The ACV trend for gut health has been around for a while – and it just keeps making its rounds. 😑⁠

ACV is a fermented vinegar product, and may contain live microbes if you choose one that has not been pasteurized and contains the mother. I am all for consuming fermented foods – however, doing shots of ACV, or taking it in pill form is definitely NOT something I recommend. ⁠

While Dr Google might tell you it:⁠

🌟Has anti-inflammatory actions in the gut⁠
🌟Improves the microbiome & digestion⁠
🌟Heal leaky gut⁠

There is literally NO human data to support any of these claims. While using ACV may offer some live microbes, it doesn’t mean you should drink it straight up! There ARE several case reports of esophageal burns and injury from shooting ACV or taking it in a concentrated pill form, meaning there are far safer ways to include fermented foods in your diet.⁠

As for its prebiotic effects – while ACV does have a bit of pectin in it (a type of fibre that feeds our gut microbes) – you’d get way more from eating an apple.⁠

I’m all for enjoying ACV in a salad dressing, or a marinade – but do we need to drink it, straight up? I’m gonna say that’s a big no.⁠

Want to dive into this topic more? Check out the link in my bio for more on ACV and gut health.⁠