As an IBS dietitian I am always trying to support my patients with their symptom management. On Instagram @AndreaHardyRD, I talk all about symptom management and how often I see patients adding in more restrictions when they are struggling with their symptoms.

Diet is ONE tool in our IBS management toolkit. 🧰⁠

While the Low FODMAP diet is fantastic, only about 50-75% of people respond to it – meaning there is a subset of people that don’t! Because we live in a very diet-centric culture, this often causes people to look for other diets to help them out. It makes sense, but therein the problem arises. ⁠

This is what I often see…⁠

➡️ person has some improvements on a Low FODMAP diet but still struggles with debilitating symptoms⁠
➡️ seeks other dietary solutions online because IBS sucks and there often isn’t a lot of support out there for them⁠
➡️ person adds another restrictive diet on top of the Low FODMAP diet. ⁠

And…. The cycle continues until they end up in our office with a list of 15 safe foods, a LOT of food anxiety, and poor management of symptoms. 😢⁠

Look. I’m a dietitian. Nutrition in the management of gut conditions is my wheelhouse. But – it’s important to know, it’s not the only tool. Heck, it might not even be the best tool for many patients. ⁠

Bottom line: If dietary changes didn’t work for you – touch base with your health care team to see what other options might help! ⁠