The Low FODMAP diet is popular for the management of IBS – but should we be using it in kids? and is it safe? Julia Celestini, RD discusses things to consider before starting the Low FODMAP diet in kids!

Nutrition Pearls for IBS and Kids

  • There is evidence to support using the low FODMAP diet in children, however, it should not be a first line approach
  • First line approaches to manage IBS in kids include balanced meals and proper toileting behaviours
  • While the low FODMAP diet can be effective, age specific research is lacking –
  • Considerations for implementing the low FODMAP diet in kids include: growth & nutrition needs, impact on risk of eating disorders, nutritional deficiencies
  • A modified low FODMAP diet, tailored to meet a families needs is recommended
  • Teens are often getting lots of nutrition information off of TikTok – practitioners need to be aware of what misinformation is out there regarding IBS management

Julia is a Registered Dietitian in Ontario, Canada. Julia completed her dietetic training at SickKids hospital in Toronto, Ontario in 2019. SickKids hospital is one of the largest pediatric centres in Canada and uniquely offers a pediatric-focused dietetic internship. Julia is also trained in the low FODMAP diet for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) through Monash University. Following her internship Julia started her own private practice combing her 2 greatest passions – pediatric nutrition and digestive health. She provides family-centred care to infants, children and teenagers with complex gastrointestinal conditions across (most of) the country. She supports her patients in their journey to finding symptom relief and developing a positive relationship with food.

Julia and I discuss:

  • IBS in kids – what is the prevalence and impact
  • What is a FODMAP & the low FODMAP diet?
  • Is the low FODMAP diet appropriate in kids?
  • What to consider before the low FODMAP diet in kids?
  • How to implement the low FODMAP diet for kids?
  • Can we use a modified low FODMAP diet in kids with success?
  • What other non-food things can we do to manage IBS in kids without using the low FODMAP diet?
  • How can practitioners talk about digestive symptoms with kids & teens?
  • Where are kids getting nutrition information from?
  • Why is helping children develop a healthy relationship with food in gut disorders important?

Connect with Julia at or on Instagram @happybelliesnutrition. You can join Julia’s Low FODMAP for Kids Facebook Group here as well!

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