Probiotics, sugar, fermented foods, candida – what do we need to think about when it comes to our gut microbiome? Dr Megan Rossi debunks the most common digestive myths she hears!

Nutrition Pearls for Gut Microbiome Myths

  • Probiotics are species specific – we need to choose the right strain for the right indication. To learn more about indications you can visit
  • Fermented foods are fantastic to include in the diet for variety, and the potential of benefit, but at this point aren’t going to ‘make or break’ gut health – they’re more just fun to consume
  • Sugar doesn’t ‘feed bad bacteria’ in the gut by nature of how it’s digested but can displace our intake of fibre rich foods.
  • Candida in the gut is not associated with the symptoms individuals might claim as ‘candida overgrowth’ and in fact make up a normal part of the guts ecosystem
  • Every time you eat is an opportunity to ‘treat your microbes’ focus on plant based foods
  • Megan’s TOP tip for good digestion is to chew your food well! Simple, but effective

Dr Megan Rossi, also known as The Gut Health Doctor, is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with an award-winning PhD in gut health, as well as the author of Love Your Gut, an easy-to-digest lifestyle guide to gut health and beyond, coming out in the US in January 2021.

Megan is considered one of the most influential gut health specialists internationally and her PhD was recognised for its contribution to science receiving the Dean’s Award for outstanding research.

As a leading Research Fellow at King’s College London, Megan is currently investigating nutrition-based therapies in gut health, including prebiotics, probiotics, dietary fibres, plant-based diversity, the low-FODMAP diet and food additives, as well as having set up The Gut Health Clinic, where she leads a team of gut-specialist dietitians to make an evidence-based approach more accessible. More recently, Megan has created her own gut health food company, Bio&Me, to bridge the gap between science and food industry.

Frustrated that her research findings weren’t reaching the public, and instead seeing fad and potentially dangerous misinformation on gut health being spread, Megan took to social media to share credible information and science-based advice, building an active community with over 245,000 of people so far.

Megan has also been recognised as Business Insider’s Top 100 Coolest People in Food & Drink and was named Young Australian Achiever of the Year in the UK 2020.

Megan and I discuss:

  • How she became interested in digestive health and the gut microbiome
  • Probiotics – when should I take them?
  • Fermented foods and our health
  • Is sugar bad for gut health?
  • What does candida do in our gut? Is it bad for us?
  • Her top tips for a healthy gut

Connect with Megan at Or on Instagram or Facebook @TheGutHealthDoctor

Dimidi, E., Cox, S. R., Rossi, M., & Whelan, K. (2019). Fermented foods: definitions and characteristics, impact on the gut microbiota and effects on gastrointestinal health and disease. Nutrients11(8), 1806.

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