How does alcohol consumption impact our health? On Instagram @AndreaHardyRD, I talk all about the impacts of drinking a lot of alcohol and tips to consume alcohol while still enjoying yourself and avoiding some of the negative after affects.

Image of @andreahardyrd Instagram post about what happens when we over-indulge with alcohol

We may not be going out to party this holiday season, but alcohol at home can still contribute to IBS symptoms! ⁠⠀
How? ⁠⠀
When we consume more alcohol, our inhibitions are lowered, and we often eat mindlessly. ⁠⠀
Over eating, especially of high fat or high FODMAP foods, can contribute to gut symptoms.????????⁠⠀
Then, we have the day after to contend with right? ⁠⠀
Alcohol can leave us with:⁠⠀
????stomach aches, bloating, diarrhea or constipation⁠⠀
Simple tips?⁠⠀
???? pick 1-2 drinks you REALLY like! If you do enjoy a cocktail, it may as well be one that you like rather than one you think you ‘have’ to have⁠⠀
???? don’t mix your booze with caffeine – this can make us feel more sober than we are and can lead to over consumption ⁠⠀
???? stay hydrated! Sip on water, or make a fun mocktail, like a mojito with mint, lime, soda, and simple syrup! ⁠⠀
????if you struggle with IBS, avoid mixes that are high in fat or fructose (egg nog, orange juice, regular pop)!⁠