Have you been considering a gut microbiota test? On Instagram @AndreaHardyRD, I talk all about gut microbiome science, and what we can expect in terms of research and gut microbiome testing in the future!⁠

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Gut microbiota test? Pass. ????????⁠⠀
I get asked every day about these tests. The answer is – the science isn’t there yet.⁠⠀
To clarify exactly what your microbiome says about you at this point in time, I interviewed the incredible Dr. Colin Hill on this episode of Let’s Gut Real.⁠⠀
Dietitians, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, AND people wondering if you should get a gut microbiome test – this episode is a MUST LISTEN. It’s SO good. ⁠⠀
We talk about:⁠⠀
✅how the microbiome developed and has played a key role in our evolution going back 3 billion years (MIND BLOWN)⁠⠀
✅ Gut microbiome science – we can measure LOTS of things, but in a way it is to our detriment as we can always find differences – how do we parse out what these differences mean? Do they always mean disease?⁠⠀
✅why the gut microbiome isn’t a proxy for disease (yet)⁠⠀
✅why learning ‘who is at the party’ in your colon may not be a good marker of health (presence doesn’t equal function!) ⁠⠀
✅what we CAN expect in terms of research and gut microbiome testing in the future!⁠⠀
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