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EDS is a rare connective tissue disorder that can drive many digestive symptoms. Hannah discusses her journey with digestive dysfunction, how it lead to developing an eating disorder as a way to control her symptoms, finally being diagnosed with EDS, and how she came to practice in cognitive hypnotherapy through her own personal journey when she had exhausted all medical management options. 

Nutrition Pearls for EDS & Cognitive Hypnotherapy

  • EDS is a rare genetic chronic connective tissue disorder affecting 1 in 2500-5000 individuals where the connective tissue in a person with EDS is not structured in the way it should be, making it extra stretchy
  • connective tissue is found in skin, muscle, blood vessels, organs, etc. – and can greatly affect digestion
  • common symptoms include loose joints, elastic skin, scarring, bruise easily, muscle pain, fatigue, chronic pain, autonomic dysfunction (issues with heart, breathing, circulation, digestion, sleep)
  • Each of the 13 types of EDS have major and minor diagnostic criteria in addition to genetic markers
  • If a patient presents with GI symptoms unsolved by traditional management strategies, and has red flags for connective tissue disorder, getting screened by a specialist is key
  • Cognitive hypnotherapy is one management option for patients who have exhausted other options for managing their digestive disorder, EDS or not

Hannah Boardman is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and works with women all over the world to overcome struggles with food, their emotions and the fear of not being good enough. She has a BSc Biological Sciences, MSc Psychology, Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). She has a special interest in the link between food issues and digestive problems and combines mind and body approaches to support her clients holisitically in their journeys. 

We discuss:

  • How Hannah’s GI issues led to an eating disorder
  • What is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) 
  • What are the symptoms of EDS?
  • How is it diagnosed? 
  • How she journeyed from ED, to EDS, to the field of cognitive hypnotherapy
  • What is cognitive hypnotherapy?
  • How does accessing our subconscious influence our body’s reactions to food & symptoms
  • How does cognitive hypnotherapy help digestive disorders?

You can find Hannah on Instagram @hani_living_unleashed

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