*the podcast will be changing to every other week during the COVID-19 outbreak due to my interviewees busy schedules*

This episode, you get Andrea Hardy, Canada’s Gut Health Dietitian (me!) to talk about which diet is best for your gut microbiota.

A bit about me: I’m a registered dietitian and owner of Ignite Nutrition in Calgary Alberta.

This week I give you the update on:

  • The role nutrition plays in your gut microbiota
  • Your gut barrier – why it’s important and how good nutrition helps maintain it
  • I rank each diet on its impact on the gut microbiota and:
    • The paleo diet
    • The keto diet
    • A vegetarian and vegan diet
    • The Mediterranean diet
  • And give you my top tips to take care of the gut microbiota.

Interested in working on your gut health? My team of dietitians are here to help. Visit Ignite Nutrition to book an appointment!

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