When prescribed the low FODMAP diet, some patient’s aren’t aware that it is a three phase process. On Instagram @AndreaHardyRD, I talk all about how important it is to complete all three phases of the low FODMAP diet.

Image of @andreahardyrd Instagram post about the 3 phases of the low FODMAP diet

The Low FODMAP diet isn’t just elimination ????⁠

The Low FODMAP diet is 3 phases? Many times when patients do this on their own they get stuck in the elimination phase.⁠

The problem with that:⁠
1) A restrictive eating pattern, lacking variety⁠
2) Food fear – so many patients end up terrified of FODMAP containing foods! ⁠
3) A reduction of good bacteria in your gut (you’ve taken away a lot of their fuel!) ⁠

The elimination phase should be 2-6 weeks. There are RARE times where I may keep a patient on the elimination phase longer, i.e. if we need the addition of medication management and we’re figuring out the right types and doses.⁠

I act as a moderator for several IBS groups and I see A LOT of people getting stuck in elimination for months or even years!⁠

Reintroduction is crucial to figure out which FODMAP’s are more tolerable for your gut, and how much of a FODMAP containing food it takes to trigger symptoms. You want to introduce by category – choosing foods that only contain 1 type of FODMAP, and increasing in incremental doses. ⁠

We do an accelerated reintroduction at Ignite to get people back to normal living as quickly as possible and find it works well. (Data on reintroduction is lacking though there is consensus on reintroduction by increasing dose and category) ⁠

Most patients I work with can tolerate SOME of all FODMAP’s (with a few exceptions). It’s dose dependant.⁠

The 3rd phase is LIBERALIZATION! The most important phase – figuring out how to live long term with dietary tweaks and changes rather than a restrictive eating pattern. ⁠

So. Are you stuck in elimination? Do you have a plan to reintroduce? Or are you living your liberalized, long term Low FODMAP diet? ⁠

Share your experience in the comments below! ⁠