*the podcast will be changing to every other week during the COVID-19 outbreak due to my interviewees busy schedules*

Dr. Parnell is an Associate Professor at Mount Royal University in the Department of Health and Physical Education. She obtained her PhD in medical sciences at the University of Calgary researching novel nutritional therapies for obesity and associated co-morbidities. Presently, she maintains an active research portfolio in the field of performance nutrition, and works with youth athletes, Paralympic athletes, and endurance runners. Her research focuses on diet quality, ergogenic aids, and exercise induced gastrointestinal symptoms. 

Dr. Parnell and I chat about

  • What runner’s diarrhea/runner’s gut is
  • How runner’s gut influences motility of the gut
  • How exercise stress influences gut symptoms
  • How the gut microbiota changes gut function in runner’s gut
  • How patients with IBS may be more prone towards gut symptoms during exercise
  • The link between cortisol, high intensity physical activity, and gut symptoms
  • Nutrition tips to reduce runner’s gut
    • Timing
    • Food consistency & digestibility
    • Food choices/types of foods
    • The role of FODMAPs in exercise & the gut
  • Getting more specific on recommendations so diets don’t need to be so restrictive
  • How choosing the right concentration of carbohydrate can be helpful
  • How caffeine is an ergogenic (performance enhancing) aide but to be aware of how it influences the gut
  • How to better absorb hydration
  • Ideas around food first carbohydrates during events
  • Training the gut for events
  • How your gut microbiota influences your ability to perform in sport

Research is going to continue after COVID so stay tuned. Follow Ignite Nutrition on Facebook for more information about opportunities to participate in research!

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