Dr. Heather Finley is a Registered Dietitian nutritionist specializing in functional and integrative approaches to reduce gastrointestinal symptoms and mood issues by addressing the root cause and addressing nutritional, lifestyle and stress related factors. Heather created her in-person and virtual nutrition practice, Nourish Functional Health to provide personalized nutrition and wellness solutions using cutting edge science alongside evidence based medical nutrition therapy. Heather niched down to gastrointestinal issues due to her own journey with GI issues and anxiety that for years was confusing and frustrating. Heather turned one of her biggest struggles into her passion and has helped hundreds of individuals find relief from gastrointestinal issues and live their best lives symptom free with her integrative and personalized approach. Heather lives in Coppell, TX with her husband Dave and daughter Charlotte. 

We talk about:

  • How nutrition isn’t the ONLY thing that influences gut issues
  • How sleep effects gut health
  • How people can improve their sleep for digestive health
  • How the gut and the brain are connected, and how it ties to mood
  • How stress influences gut health
  • Nutrition Myths: Can nutrition ‘treat’ anxiety? Can probiotics treat anxiety?
  • How a rigid, restricted diet can do more damage than good
  • How food fears can precipitate gut symptoms
  • Gut-brain reactions – and how to relax those stressful reactions

To learn more about Heather’s work, you can follow her on Instagram @gutbrain.nutrition, learn more about her counselling services and online course!

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