with Andrea Hardy, RD


Dragana Skokovic Sunjic is a clinical pharmacist and the leader in knowledge mobilization for probiotics in Canada and the US. As the author of the Clinical Guide to Probiotic Supplements for both Canada and the US, she has spoken around the world on the latest evidence for the use of probiotics.

This week, Andrea interviews Dragana on the most up-to-date evidence on probiotics. Spoiler alert: It’s not enough to say ‘pick a probiotic with at least 10 billion bacteria!’

We discuss how to pick a probiotic and:

  • what impacts your gut microbiota from a pharmaceutical perspective
  • what probiotics are
  • why patients are taking probiotics, and what health care providers need to discuss with their patients about probiotics
  • why we should start thinking about probiotics like drugs – they’re not just natural health products anymore!
  • matching the right strain of bacteria to the right condition
  • how to pick the RIGHT probiotic
  • where to find up to date evidence on probiotics


To access the probiotic chart visit www.probioticchart.ca in Canada and www.usprobioticguide.com in the US.

Or download the app by searching ‘probiotic guide’.

Learn more about the Alliance for Education on Probiotics at www.aeprobio.com 

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