On Instagram @AndreaHardyRD, I talk about using cannabis for IBS treatment and what you should know before self-medicating!

As a GI dietitian (and previous oncology dietitian) – I have seen a lot of my patients use cannabis. With it being legalized in Canada, I also now see a lot more self-medicating and experimenting in regards to #IBS symptoms. ⁠

I think it’s CRUCIAL that patients be informed and assessed by a physician if they’re taking cannabis for medical reasons. ⁠

Why? ⁠

Because (whether you want to hear it or not), cannabis, and how you take it has risks. (and, potential benefits dependent on the reason for administering it.)⁠

I’ve seen patients benefit from cannabis use, and I’ve seen patients do poorly with cannabis use. ⁠

Similar to what I always say about probiotics (an even less regulated industry) – we want to match the right kind/form to the right person for the right reason, AND measure the outcomes/frequently re-assess. (Which is my philosophy on all drug use both pharmacological and non-pharmacological). ⁠

To learn more about IBS and cannabis, AND non-cannabis ways to stimulate your endocannabinoid system, I wrote a post on the @Ignite.Nutrition.Inc blog – link in my profile @andreahardyrd