On Instagram @AndreaHardyRD, I discuss why having support from a dietitian while on the Low FODMAP diet can make a big difference!

On this Instagram post Andrea Hardy, RD shares why having dietitian support while on the low fodmap diet makes a difference!

???? We know how the low FODMAP diet performs in the research – but what about the real world? ????⁠

In a new study, researchers looked at how patients with IBS implemented the low FODMAP diet when recommended in routine clinical care (read: ‘real life’)⁠

The case series reviewed 80 patients, those who implemented the low FODMAP diet with dietitian help, and those who did it on their own.⁠

???? Not surprisingly, those who had dietitian help reported a better understanding of how to implement the dietary instructions.????⁠

Not only that – but those receiving dietitian counselling also felt that:⁠
???? They didn’t need to go to specialty shops to find low FODMAP foods (aka – RD instruction kept things practical)⁠
???? They didn’t need to spend more $$$ (aka – RD instruction ensured the low FODMAP diet wasn’t more expensive than their regular diet)⁠
✈️ That eating while travelling was not as difficult ⁠

The researchers also found that dietitian led patients were also more likely to:⁠
???? hit the therapeutic target levels for FODMAP restriction (phase 1)⁠
???? re-introduce more foods during phase 2⁠
???? include food as tolerated in phase 3⁠

Bottom Line:⁠
The low FODMAP diet is complicated. A lot of information available online and even on handouts MISSES the importance of reintroduction, and a long term liberalization plan on the low FODMAP diet. ⁠

The first time I saw the list of low FODMAP foods I literally laughed out loud and said ‘there’s no way in hell I’m doing that’ (and I was a dietitian!) ⁠

Getting support can help you to feel empowered and frankly, do a better job at implementing this short term diet effectively.⁠

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