On Instagram @AndreaHardyRD, I talk all about the different types of dietary fibre and which types might be better tolerated for IBS patients.

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What’s your favourite type of fibre? ????⁠⠀
When we typically think of fibre, we think of:⁠⠀
✅soluble – (dissolves – think the soft parts of fruit & veg)⁠⠀
✅insoluble (‘roughage’ – think of the fibrous parts).⁠⠀
????But as a gut health dietitian, I ALSO think about FERMENTABILITY????⁠⠀
Fermentability is the ability of a fibre to be broken down by our gut microbes (after all, we don’t digest it ourselves!)⁠⠀
Why does fermentation matter?⁠⠀
While fermentable fibres help to feed our gut microbes, large amounts rapidly fermentable fibres can be a culprit in IBS! (after all – the ‘F’ in FODMAP’s stands for fermentable!)⁠⠀
Highly fermentable fibres include:⁠⠀
– Fructooligosaccarides⁠⠀
– Galactooligosaccarides⁠⠀
– Inulin⁠⠀
These can be found in: ⁠⠀
– onion⁠⠀
– garlic⁠⠀
– pulses (beans, peas, lentils)⁠⠀
– fibre boosters (inulin, chicory root)⁠⠀
Moderate to slower fermenting fibres include:⁠⠀
– resistant starch ⁠⠀
– pectin⁠⠀
– guar gum⁠⠀
– psyllium⁠⠀
– oat fibre⁠⠀
These can be found in:⁠⠀
– cooked cooled pasta, rice, potato⁠⠀
– firm bananas⁠⠀
– oats⁠⠀
These types of fibres may be better tolerated for someone who experiences more gas & pain related to IBS! ⁠⠀